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What HA Financial Services can will provide you?

At HA Financial Services(HAFS), we provide portfolio construction and management services for our various clients to meet their long-term and short-term goals. HA Financial Services having experience in dealing with financial instruments like equities, debts, bonds, bullions, currencies and insurance, term deposits (FDs), etc..  We further provide financial services in respect to future planning such as - child future financial planning, retirement planning, financial planning (goal-oriented) through MFs (AMFI Registered and BSE Star MF registered distributor), we also provide Insurance product– Life and General Insurance (IRDA Registered) which suits the best to our customer and their needs, tax planning for individuals and corporates.

Financial instruments and services we are dealing in:-

1. Mutual funds
2. Portfolio management scheme (PMS)
3. Fixed deposits
4. Bond – government securities and gold bonds.
5. Life insurance
6. Health insurance
7. General insurance
8. Demat Services

We are associated with financial Giants of India like:-

2. Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited, - For FD, Loans and Demat Services
3. PNB Housing Finance Company Limited, - FD and Housing Loan 
4. ICICI Housing Finance Limited, - For FD 
5. Mahindra Financial Service Limited – For FD, Gold Bonds, NCDs
6. PNB Met Life Insurance Company Limited - Life and Health Insurance 
7. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited, - Life and Assured Income Plans with life insurance and Health Insurance
8. NJ India Invest Private Limited. - All financial Services except fixed Deposits. 

How HA Financial Services will assist you?

1. Creating Profile,
2. Risk Profiling,
3. State of Equity Markets and the Economy,
4. Tenure of investments,
5. Proactive monitoring of your investments,
6. We will assist you with your existing investments,
7. Rebalancing time to time,
8. Mitigation of Risk, and
9. Other services on demand, and which fall under our scope of work.

(You may have already made some investments in any financial instruments then this is what we can do for you We will check your paperwork, this includes PAN Card, or any correction thereof KYC (Know Your Client) compliance, FATCA etc.

We shall communicate the returns in your portfolio and your can do the following yourself.  If the scheme is within your financial objectives and if returns are good enough. Henceforth, you can structure your investments with your long or short-term financial objectives.

We can also send the performance of the investments and you may identify non-performing funds in your existing portfolio. DIY includes weeding out of non-performing funds and replacing them with better ones.

Further, in our drive to perform better you may let us know of any special requirement viz regular cash inflows etc. We will communicate all relevant information on the same. All this will enable you to take important decisions to build a regular stream of cash inflows by investment in various dividend schemes and also through SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plans).


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