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Why HA Financial Services (HAFS)?
A very basic curiosity that surrounds in the back of an individual or a family`s mind that whether they should trust their hard-earned savings in the hands of an entity or an individual. Though in today’s world of digitalization anyone can invest directly and save a part of their expense which is surely very tempting and alluring. However, this is just one side of the story.

With over 2000 schemes in debt and equity category, the selection of the schemes has to be appropriate with the needs of each individual. As the needs and risk appetite of each individual may differ. Hence, the same financial product cannot be referred to every individual. Moreover, moving forward with the consistent monitoring of investments and rebalancing of your portfolio becomes extremely important from time to time. In addition to this, various servicing needs like a change of bank, updating of address, email ID’s, statement of capital gains, re-KYC at intermittent times, etc. Hence, a ‘Financial Service Provider’ is always indispensable. The main objective point is “engaging a Financial Service Provider worth it?” Totally, we shall give you all the tools to make decisions on your own. Whether it is rebalancing the portfolio with the changing market and political conditions or scraping out existing non-performing schemes, our portfolio tracker shall enable you with all of them through DIY.

Is the Financial Service Provider really needed?
After a close interaction with various individuals, what we figured out about it was “Having an Expert Financial Service Provider is absolutely worth it”. Each of our experts at HA Financial Services(HAFS) has empathetic skills to understand their client's needs along with the market conditions:

  • Investors are looking for ‘Honest & prompt service”. No mincing of words. If the stock markets are likely to go down it ought to be communicated. Risks need to be communicated along with all other information.
  • While investing, investors want to be ‘informed on investments’. Financial planning is not taught in most school textbooks. Besides, it is simple and easy to understand. Hence basic education needs to be imparted. Investors expect “Hand holding” for a few months or years to understand the investments. Enough links from various websites, youtube videos that enable you to take all important decisions on your own will be shared frequently along with our constant updates.
  • Investors expect Financial Service Provider to know the importance of savings and investment of middle-class families. Investors expect hard-earned money to be safeguarded.
  • Investors have little or no idea about financial objectives/goals, retirement planning, long-term compounding, inflation, risk or adjusted return. They expect the Financial Service Provider to act as an enabler. Enabler for investors to take important decisions.

In monetary terms, good and prompt services, investment tracker and professional approach may be more important than cost saved investing directly.

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